“Rejuvenate” Facial Glow Serum

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Nothing is more beautiful than healthy skin. Achieve smoother, softer and balanced skin with Rejuvenate Facial Serum. A combination of the most important skin enhancing elements: Hyaluronic Acid, Retinol and CBD with Bisabolol terpene. Enjoy the benefits of younger healthier skin with Rejuvenate.

– 2oz 250mg CBD Isolate


CBD decreases skin inflammation associated with aging, scarring and skin damage and helps soothe discomfort of dry and damaged skin

CBD decreases Sebum/Less blemishes

Zero THC

Hyaluronic Acid Gives a Smoother, Tighter Appearance

Adds Hydration/ Enhances Lipid Barrier

Skin Brightening

Protect your skin from damage

Reduce the signs of aging by stabilizing free-radicals and replenish the epidermal surface

Retinol exfoliates your skin and increases collagen production

Reduces fine wrinkles

Bisabolol terpene an essential oil in hemp, soothes skin and reduces redness and irritation and discoloration


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